I’m a writer, storyteller, performer, and teacher. Here are a few stories I’d be delighted to have you wrap your ears around. They’re also on SoundCloud under my Twitter/rapper/stripper/soap opera/drag name, HoolieP.

Does Your Dog Bite?, in which drama school mime and my dog help me out of a sticky situation. I told this story live on WBAI’s Tall Tales of the City, a storytelling and interview show hosted by the wonderful and hilarious Marie Faustin.

A Jury of One’s Peers, in which I do my best (or worst) to make justice more dumb than blind. Recorded at the Sidewalk Cafe, NYC.

The Best Gig, in which Shakespeare triumphs over reform school. I told this version live at a Moth StorySlam at the Bitter End in New York City; the theme for the night was Gratitude. You can find a lovely studio recording at Modern Stories, an invaluable hub for everything you need to know about New York City storytelling, run by the brilliant, generous Julie Threlkeld.

Running for Home, in which 10-year-old me makes a break for it in the unlikeliest of getaway vehicles. Recorded at Tell It: Brooklyn’s third anniversary show, which supported the National Runaway Safeline and which I was thrilled to be part of.

A Midsummer Slam, in which Shakespeare is harder than you think. Recorded the first of several times I was lucky enough to be the guest storyteller at the CUNY School of Journalism’s annual storytelling night.

The League of Ordinarily Bearded Gentlemen, in which, in the end, my father may have been a superhero. Studio recording graciously produced by Alex Goldmark—radio producer, CUNY journalism professor and general mensch.

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